Line-up 2019

The Oriental Artist SARA GUIRADO, with her own school in Valencia, Spain (“Sara Guirado Dance school”), has dedicated to the oriental dance since 1999. Formed initially with great masters like Nesma in “Reda” style or students of Amir Thaleb in Argentinian Style. She has forged yet very distinctive style thanks to an unbroken personal research in many fields. Currently combines her regular trips to Egypt, in order to further research on folklore, zaar and Sufi ceremonies, with other disciplines such as flamenco and Indian classical dances. She currently studies arabic percussions. Her career has achieved international renown, and now she is hired around the world. 
Sara has the most viewed video of bellydance on youtube in the world with more than 40 millions of views!

ELMIRA (Belarus) is the head of the oriental dance studio "Saphir" in Riga, a certified teacher, as well as a professional oriental dancer according to the Belarus Dance League. She has been dancing oriental dance for already 10 years, from what Elmira has been dancing in professional level. Winner of many national and international bellydance competitions, for example: silver medalist of the international festival egyptian folklore in the "Improvisation of Shaabi” and "Baladi Progression" categories, the winner in the category "Baladi Progression" with the egiptian orchestra Al Azdeeka (2016). The absolute winner of all professional improvisation nominations at Al Hayat Festival 2018 (Ukraine).

KATYA KIIPLI (Estonia/Ireland) - international instructor/bellydancer, choreographer and costume designer from Estonia, living in Ireland for the last 11 years. From childhood have been dancing ballet and studied violin in the school of music for 9 years. Fell in love with oriental dance in 2005. While living in Ireland, graduated from the University of Limerick in 2014 with the BA degree in dance/choreography. Started teaching her own group since 2013 and now also organiser of her first festival Raqs Ireland Championship. Regularly participating in many European festivals, competitions, continuing to learn by taking workshops with world famous belly dance stars.

JELENA (Estonia) is professional oriental dancer, who has been dancing since early childhood. Oriental dance has been in her life for over 10 years, while she is continusly taking workshops from from international teachers. Next to that she likes to improve herself in other dance styles like fusion, tribal fusion, urban contemporary. Jelena is the owner and teacher is Arrakis Dance Studio and co-organizer for many oriental dance events.

BERIT VILL (Estonia) is the creative director of Müstika Dance Studio and internationally known dance teacher and judge, who has been dancing oriental already 17 years. From 2004 she has been working as an instructor in Estonia and abroad. Berit has been judging many competitions, such as Azure and Dum Tek(Latvia), Raks Berlin(Germany), Cairo By Night and To Dance or Not to Dance Live(Greece), Raks Sharki Stars(France). Also she has been organizing many dance events. In 2018 she organized the first iraqy dance festival in the world with Assala Ibrahim, here in Estonia.

Berit Aicha Vill is also the head of Müstika oriental show group, they have performed and competed in different festivals here and abroad.

ANDRE HAIKAL (Lebanon/Estonia) is a professional dancer from Lebanon with around 12 years experience in teaching many different styles of dancing including dabke. Naturally from Lebanon you grow up dancing dabke on all big gathering since it is considered a social kind of dance with a lot of spirit. Andre has taught professionally dabke to students that went on to compete or perform in international events and festivals. During his classes he will give you a taste of what it is like to dance dabke in Lebanon, while introducing the different styles of dabke danced there.