Regular workshops are not enough for you? Do you wish to challenge yourself and take your dancing to next level? We got what you are looking for- join ZF bootcamp! 

Bootcamp is a new course type in Estonian middle eastern dance. This intensive and fun opportunity to challenge yourself and learn a lot with a short amount of time. The teacher for this year's bootcamp is oriental dance artist- Elmira from Belarus (on the photo)!

The Egyptian baladi is luscious and sensuous. The undulating progression of the music pushes and pulls us through a series of dance moments - we lift and drop, squeeze and release, there are loaded pauses and building shimmies.  Join Elmira for a workshop that explores this beautiful style through a series of combinations and embellishments. This baladi choreography is emotional, fun, powerful and feminine at the same time. The participants of the workshop will learn how to improvise to baladi music and how to make this dance “your own”.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn and try it straight away as you have the chance to perform at Saare Hafla.


Bootcamp is meant for intermediate and advanced dancers. Places are limited! Performing is voluntary but organizers do not insure that everybody can perform- final decision will be done by the instructor.

Bootcamp will be in English (in Russian if necessary ).


Bootcamp takes place 7.-9.February
Tue 19-21
Fri 10-13/13.30-15
Sat 9-10 / stage rehearsal
Total- 8 hours