Saare Hafla

These following things are asked in registration:

Artist/group's name



Dancers' names (for groups)

Style /props

(NB!) Music title and composer/singer 

Beginning of dance (dancer/ music first)

*Your registration is confirmed by sending music to us

- All dancers who wish to perform at Saare Hafla must purchase festival pass (any kind) before hafla registration.

-Maximum lenght of dance is 4 minutes for groups and 3 minutes for solo.
- Props with fire are not allowed.
- If using props (like assaya, shamadan, veil poi), take into account the curtains above the stage.

-If there is more than one person registered with same choreography or music, the first dancer to registrate will have the right to perform with that piece.

-As the places are limited, we kindly ask you to prefer performing with a group, so more people could enjoy performing.