Reminder for performers:

- All performers (including all dancers in a group) must have a festival pass. It is up to you to decide which one, you can also purchase Guest Pass. Festival pass must be purchased BEFORE sending performance request.

-As we have many people wanting to perform, we prefer group performances as this way, more dancers can have the chance to perform.

-Our stage is big and it is more or less 60 degrees (so audience is not only in one direction). There is no backstage, entering stage is from the audience like an hafla.

-There are curtains above the stage, so if you use assaya, veil poi, fan veils or other props that go high, we recommend rehearsing on stage before. Real fire is not allowed to use.

-If more than one person is registed with same music/choreography, the right to perform will be given to the person who registed first.

Email again:
Please note that during event filming and photographing will take place. By registrating, you give consent to the use of your image.

If you haven't recieved confirmation within 5 workdays, please contact us via

For 10th January following information must be sent:

*Using props?

*Your performance music (maximum 3.30 minutes)

*Beginning of dance (dancer or music first)