BADRIYAH (Czech Republic/ Belgium) is a professional oriental dancer, devoted mainly to Egyptian classical and folkloric styles, modern fusion with oriental dance and the Golden Age of belly dance. She has won several important awards - silver Belly Dancer of the Universe 2012 (California, USA), Vice Miss Belly dancer of Europe 2011 (Germany) and bronze Belly dancer of the Universe 2011 (California, USA).
The biggest achievement of her dance career is performing for 6 years with Belly Dance Evolution, led by the famous Jillina. She has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Morocco, Greece and other countries.

Personally, the most wonderful thing for her is to see her students grow and fall in love with dance, no matter which forms the dance has.
Badriyah's dream is to build a belly dance museum. She has already a huge collection, part of it she brings as exhibitions to belly dance festivals. She has collected to this date 232 items from the years 1863 to 1961, covering the Golden Era, dance in Egypt in 19th century and oriental dance in the Western world through 19th to 20th century.