Saare Johara

Middle eastern dance competition “Saare Johara” terms and conditions

8th February 2019

Name of the competition: Saare Johara 2019

Time: 8th February 2019

Place: Restaurant Ritter, Pargi 12 Kuressaare


Organizer: MTÜ Saarepiiga Koolitus

Partner: Saaremaa Spa Hotels

Saare Johara's aim:

  • To offer non-professional belly dancers a chance to compete and compare themselves with other dancers.

  • To offer dancers valuable feedback from professional jury.

  • To introduce middle-eastern culture.

  • To enrich local culture.

Saare Johara's 2019 categories, conditions and entry fee


Conditions for dancers

Conditions for dance

Length (maximum)

Entry fee

(per person)


Two or more dancers (Can be receiving money for individual performances, but does not regularly get paid for dancing or does not teach).

Oriental, balady, folklore. Props allowed.




Beginner dancer, who does not get regular salary as a dancer and does not teach.

Given choreography

15 EUR


Beginner dancer, who does not perform for money on a regular basis and does not teach.

Mixture of different dance styles, based on middle-eastern dance. Props allowed.

2min 30sek


Dance must be performed entirely on stage area.

Maximum 7 dancers/troupes in troups and fusion category. First 7 entries get to compete. If categories get full, it will be announced on the homepage.

There must be at least 3 dancers/troupes in every category, otherwise there will not be contest in that category. Dancers are registered, when they have filled the entry form, paid entry fee and sent their music on time.

If there is more than one person registered with same choreography or music, the first dancer to registrate will have the right to perform with that piece.

Performing order will be sent on 31th January to participants (except solo category).

Contest's program will be sent to participants on 31th January.

Solo category:

Dancer who registrates for solo category takes the resposibility to learn the coreography sent by organizers and not share it with third persons.

Dance will be performed in 2 groups, maximum 4 dancers in one group.

Mentor class will be held on competition day, performing groups will be announced and every participant has 5 minute mentoring with the choreographer.

Costume must be appropriate for middle eastern dance.


Panel of judges has 5 members and will be announced at the beginning of competition. Students of the judges can not take part of the competition.

Jury judges:

  • dancing skills/technique

  • use of stage and music (except solo)

  • emotions

  • overall appearance (costume/make-up/hair)

  • use of props

  • dancing in sync (troupes)


Winner of solo category - SAARE JOHARA 2019, custom made Tiara

Every category's winner will be awarded with a trophy

Audience favourite – audience will select their favourite dancer or troupe (from any category).


Registration will begin on 1st November 2018

Registration form will be online at:

Deadline of registration is 4th January 2019.

Music will be sent to: for 4th January 2019.

Entry fee:

Entry fee will be paid to bank account

SAAREPIIGA KOOLITUS MTÜ EE111010220028554010 (SEB bank)

Explanation of the transfer: Saare Johara and name of the dancer(or troupe).

Troupes must pay their entry fee together.

Entry fee will not be refunded.


Spa Hotel Rüütli (Saaremaa Spa Hotels) gives Saare Johara's participants discount. Accommodation will include breakfast and unlimited entrance to sauna, pool and gym.

Other conditions:

Contestants under 18 years old, must have parents premission for competing.
Props with fire are not allowed.
If using props (like assaya, veil poi), take into account the curtains above the stage.

Dancer or group who has won their Saare Johara category, can not participant in the category that has been won.

Pevious solo category winners: Kamilla Narvanen, Ingel Kadarik, Julia Makovchik

Previous troupes category winners: Asmarah, Arrakis Tantsustuudio Tallinn, Auraj Studio

Previous fusion category winners: Julia Makovchik

Organizers have the right to disqualify dancer/troupe if they have broke the rules.

The event will be recorded. Organizers have right to use these pictures and videos for promoting the event.

Contact: (information also in English)